Transition Coach, Austin Life Coach,  Texas Life Coach, Transitions Coach, Business Coach

"I graduated a couple of weeks ago from business school, which was awesome!! The best part about graduating was having a full-time job and not just any job, a job I really enjoy, with a company that I could not have hand picked any better...  I haven't checked, but I bet half the things I wrote down as interests with you a year ago (can you believe it!?) are things that I do or have a hand in, daily.  My natural skill sets are a perfect match and I am really happy with the team I am assigned. 

I probably can not ever say it enough, but Thank you again.  Looking back on where I was early spring last year I could never have imaged where I would be today. I really do think that reaching out and working with you was one of the best decisions I could have ever made."

Garner P., former marine, M.B.A. and now happily employed!
"Anna Grassini is as a "natural" career coach; 
she is competent, honest, and very effective
and helpful.  She is a long-time friend and
on a recent visit, she sat down with my son,
a recent college graduate, and proceeded
 to share great information with him about
interviewing skills, how to make a resume
stand out, and how to tap into skills one may
not have considered. 

My son took all Anna said to heart, and
completely revamped his resume and
practiced the newly learned interview skills. 
He attended a job fair within a week and a
half of meeting with Anna and as a result,
received three job offers!  Her coaching works
 and she knows her business. 
If you want to hire yourself an employer,
make an appointment with Anna Grassini."

Linda P., mom and professional artist

" Finding your first job out of college is not easy.  Thankfully I had Anna to help me navigate and tackle the many challenges one faces when job searching.  Anna shared great interview tips, reviewed my resume countless times, and even helpfed me practice case studies. All of this helped me land a job six months before graduation. Now that I have been working for two years, Anna continues to share her experiences and pass along great job tips and articles. Without her help and encouragement, I would not be where I am today.  Thank you Anna"
Barbara T., Rice University Graduate, Consultant

Transition Coach, Austin Life Coach,  Texas Life Coach, Transitions Coach, Business Coach
"Anna is a brilliant life coach: her excellent technique combines with a unique and innate intuition and great empathy. Thanks to Anna I could move on at a moment in my life in which I felt personally and professionally "stuck". I thought I didn't have any choice, but I did and it was Anna that helped me to realize it. She freed my mind and it felt good!" 
Marta M., Research Scientist

"Anna has a tremendous gift for lovingly and compassionately asking challenging questions that helped me get to the heart of personal challenges and strengthen my own insights.  At the time I invited Anna into my life, fear, anxiety, and unrealistic expectations had me in a stronghold.  I felt trapped by many long term commitments I’d made and began to doubt those decisions and myself.  I’d tried therapy but I never found it helped me.  Life coaching with Anna was an entirely different experience.  With her strong intuition, thoughtful questions, and empathetic listening, she got to know me quickly and helped reacquaint myself with the strong, capable person I am.  While our conversations were grounded in the present, she helped me look brightly at the future.  Anna helped me usher a perfect storm of happiness and gratitude into my life. While I still don’t have all the answers, my faith in the decisions I’ve made and my ability to navigate my course grew remarkably during my work with Anna."

Elizabeth W,  Graduate Student

"First of all, let me thank you yet again for the tremendous amount of help you have given me over the last week. Thanks to you, I've gone from a nervous wreck to fairly confident in my chances of finding a job."
Kylee T, University Student

"The importance of defending my achievements to the same degree that a man would--instead of being excessively humble--really resonated with me. And whereas other advisors have been unsure how to deal with restaurant/cafe experience in my resume when I'm applying for consulting, I really appreciated that you recognized the worth of working in college and working with people despite the lack of prestige these jobs possess."
Marissa H, University Student

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